7 Simple Out Of The Box Design For A Small Living Room


You just moved into a new apartment, and you’re antsy about the best ways to decorate your living room. You want something near perfect that will accentuate both class and a luscious taste. Or maybe you’re just bored of your old interior outlook and you want to spice things up a little and make a few noticeable changes. Luckily, you’ve stumbled on the right blog because we will be sharing some out of the box design for a small living room. 


Here are some Out Of The Box Design For A Small Living Room

1. Draw a cute wall graffiti or paint a delightful design on your wall

When you’re moving into a new apartment or renovating your old one, you’ll realize that planning to design a small living room can feel like a gamble, especially as a bachelor or spinster with little or zero creativity. You’ll be meticulous about every move because any wrong move can ultimately be disastrous. 

Now, the first smart interior design move you should make in this gamble is painting a cute design on your wall. Relax; we’re not asking you to repaint the entire house, especially when you’re simply renovating. No, you can just redesign a fragment of the apartment. Add something exciting, like an abstract shape or a half-moon shape, or a cute rainbow; the design doesn’t need to be intricate.

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You can even choose to do a mural; it provides some sort of complacent feeling. The fun part of all this is that this design for a small living room can be done by oneself. Yes, painting is therapeutic for most people, especially when it’s done for pleasure and not as a chore. But, if you’re not in the mood to steal Picasso’s title, you can outsource the job to a professional. 

Remember, the painting does not necessarily need to be garish to make a statement. Go for something you can relish for as long as it stays on your wall.

2. Try wooden floors (use plywood)

Following the crowd has always been considered cliche. Since we are talking about out-of-the-box design for a small living room, you need to step out of your comfort zone and try out something uniquely different.

So, instead of conforming to traditional flooring options, consider making a big switch to unconventional flooring materials that can add a unique touch to your small living room. Plywood, for instance, is not only budget-friendly but also offers a warm and rustic aesthetic.


You can create a distinctive pattern by arranging plywood sheets in a herringbone or chevron design, instantly transforming your floor into a focal point. This unconventional approach not only adds character but also breaks away from the ordinary, setting your living space apart from the norm.

If you’re big on aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior designs, then you can fully relate to the awe-inspiring originality of wooden designs in the home. To pull this off, you need to try seeking the help of an interior and exterior furnishing company in Nigeria. Our best pick? Argent; check them out.

3. Use curtains in the most unconventional way


Have you noticed what good curtains do for an apartment? If you haven’t, then you need to be paying better attention to details. Curtains are like a match made in heaven, wedded to any and every apartment.

As mentioned in the previous point, when you want to make a design statement, you should ditch the conventional or cliche way of the crowd. You can try adding curtains to the headboard of your bedroom. You can consider switching things up a tad bit by using cute patterned curtains—something that accentuates the beauty of the other paraphernalia in your small living room.

There is no one rule for making a design for a small living room.  Even if there are rules that are meant to be broken by our creatives, don’t just stick to the boring old way of slapping plain curtains on the window. Find a more dramatic way to do it. Not in a ridiculous way, but in a creative style that would make any reasonable person awe-struck.

4. Try painting your ceiling

You must be mumbling, thinking why you should ruin the perfect white paint of your p.o.p. just to design a small living room. Well, why not? Since you’re on a spree to discover new things and new ways to improve the interior and exterior design of your home, why play it safe? It’s a gamble, remember? And gambles are never played safe.


At this point, your living room is your canvas, and you are the Lionel Da Vinci of the room. Let your creativity soar upwards, let it envelop your ceiling and create a saccharine atmosphere. When exploring colour options for your ceiling, remember to maintain a coherence. Don’t mismatch colours. Ask for help if need be. 

As long as you are making a bold and significant statement with the design of your living room, keep it up, you’re doing well.

5. Build a personal shelf

We love to see an apartment littered with just the right amount of decorative paraphernalia. You’d also agree with us that having a cute low-profile shelf that houses a cute miniature plant, home decor ornament, a cute home diffuser, nice books and any other thing that would reflect your personality, is a deal-breaker.


This is one aspect of your design for a small living room that you should never ignore. Having those small trinkets dangling about in your living room will give off a luxurious, matured and astonishing vibe. So, it is not optional but a necessity.

You can take your creativity up a notch by adding some vintage items or artifacts. Try wooden handcrafted works or anything that generally gives the oldskool vibe; it’ll give your small living room the dramatic effect that it needs.

If you’re worried about where to get the right accessories to pull this off, you urgently need to check out Argent. They have a diverse range of home accessories that gives you the right interior design you’re gunning for.

6. Invest in art and natural plants

People who frequent art galleries can bear witness to the comfort and credence of art works. You don’t necessarily have to purchase the exuberant ones that would break your bank. There are moderately cheap art works that you can buy to contribute to your genius plan to design for a small living room. 


Art has a uniquely odd way of livening your space. You can be having a terrible day at work, when you enter your room decorated with some significant pieces, you will automatically be elevated. That is the effect a good art will have on you. So, when you choose to invest in them, invest wisely. 

Just because we are recommending a good art work doesn’t mean you should stuff your small living room with naked pictures of unnamed models, maybe because you like nudity, and then assume your spirit will be uplifted whenever you look at them. Will your conscience even allow your mind to embrace peace? Ask yourself. Buy a good art work and enjoy its soothing and calm power.

Also, try buying a good plant. Not the artificial ones they sell on the streets though. Get the authentic ones and get into the habit of taking proper care of it. You will find the process as soothing and calming as looking at a great piece of art. Are you following? The job of this design for a small living room requires both your physical and mental commitment. You should create a sacrosanct space for yourself; one that you’d want to run to whenever you’re trying to escape the riotous state of the country. You deserve a space that reflects your geniusness, calmness, and personality generally. So, in order to achieve this perfection, you need to be meticulous about your interior and exterior design process.

7. Go full throttle with your design

We understand the essentiality of minimalist designs but you don’t always have to stick to it. Remember what we mentioned earlier, rules can be broken or bent to fit our desires. So, why not? 


Sometimes, your design is allowed to take an unexpected twist. Do something out of the ordinary. Make a loud statement if need be. Go the maximalist route; stuff your shelf with enough books and objects, place two rugs ontop of each other, make a statement coffee table, add a mini bouncing castle close to the dining area. It is all up to you. As long as you’re satisfied with the outcome, then you’re well on the right track.

The job of creating a radiant design for a small living room should not be strenuous or terrifying. It should in fact be a joyous experience for you, especially when you contract an expert interior and exterior furnishing design company in Nigeria, like Argent.

Argent is an interior and exterior design furnishing company that is situated in Nigeria. We not only specialize in giving your living spaces a luscious taste that’ll make you want to instantly devour them, but we’re also your ultimate source for top-quality building and construction materials.

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Step into the world of Argent, and you step into a realm where your design dreams come to life with a touch of Nigerian flair. Our passion for perfection drives us to meticulously select materials that not only enhance the aesthetics of your spaces but also stand the test of time.

Whether you’re embarking on a grand construction project or simply revamping a corner of your home, Argent is your steadfast partner. We believe in delivering not just a service but an experience – one that redefines your perception of quality in design and construction.

Argent: Your number 1 plug for design that delights and materials that endure. Elevate your living experience with us, where every detail matters, and every space tells a story. Your journey to a more stylish and robust environment starts here, at Argent.

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In conclusion

Choosing to embark on a joyous journey to create an out-of-the-box design for a small living room doesn’t have to be complex or pricey. It’s mostly about being creative with what you want and going out of your way to achieve it. Ultimately, it should be a joyous experience for you. To a large extent too, it should also be therapeutic. Your space should be sacrosanct to you and intimate. So, handle it as delicately as you would handle yourself or someone you love. Your space should be your sanctuary. Get help from an expert company like Argent, who has mastered the creative art of bringing your apartment to life. Giving it a touch of your personality, luxury, intimacy, and perfection, all melded together. Contact us now to give your space the perfect interior and exterior design ecstasy

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